As we look around, it’s easy to be enviousĀ of people who are more successful than we are. We look at them and we wonder “Why him? Why not me?” And we convince ourselves that we deserve that same level of success, because we work just as hard as that other person.

I remember a boss I had years ago, who was a decent, honest, reasonably smart guy. We had a colleague who went on to become one of the youngest and most successful CEOs in the industry. She was smart! My boss, however, remarked that it was because of who she knew, and the contacts that she had made in her previous career in banking. Hmmm… The truth of the matter was that she never rested on her success; she was always looking for her next move, and when something wasn’t working out for her, she moved on. My boss, on the other hand… well, he spent a great deal of time moaning that he wasn’t as successful as he deserved to be.

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