pbAs we travel around the world on our various journeys, it’s an amazing thing that we encounter people far and near who espouse views and opinions that sometimes match our own, and often do not. What is it about our personal opinions that make us think that just because they are our views, that they must automatically be right? It’s interesting how even with trivial matters like our taste in music, or our opinion on a book or a movie can cause great consternation.

“How can you not like this song? Let me play it for you again, maybe then you’ll like it!” How crazy is that? Recommendations are great, and it’s a constant source of amusement to me how people get easily offended when they recommend a movie to me and I don’t want to see it. It’s as though they themselves wrote the story, picked the cast, and directed the movie. It’s as though I am insulting them on a very personal level by not wanting to see the movie. A friend recently wanted me to watch a stage musical. I really don’t enjoy many musicals. I wouldn’t say I hate them, but I definitely don’t love them. He went to great length to explain to me how awesome this musical was, and how I REALLY wanted to see it. Despite my protestations, he absolutely insisted. Why? Just as I don’t like peanut butter, I don’t like musicals!

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