Everyone loves a good moan now and then; we love to complain about how unfair life is, and how we deserve better. One this that strikes me is how when we complain about things, we actually focus on them, and actually, we reinforce the very things we complain about. In other words, by complaining that we are broke, we reinforce in our own minds the very idea of being broke. Instead of talking about the word “broke” what a difference it can make if we talk about things from a positive perspective instead.

That means that instead of talking about what we want to avoid (being broke), we start talking about what we want instead – money and wealth.

This simple change of perspective can make huge differences in terms of what we get. The language we use sets our course, so if the language we use is all about being poor or broke, it’s little wonder that that’s exactly where we end up. Instead, we have a choice. We can choose to use other language to set another course – a course towards wealth and financial gain. Change your language, and see what happens.

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