We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act, but a habit. 

– Aristotle

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Executive Coaching

We offer executive coaching to middle, senior, and C-suite executives to help them address the unique challenges faced my management.
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Leadership Training

Develop current and future leaders with our Leadership Programs designed to prepare existing and emerging talent for management positions.
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Sales Training

Get the most out of your sales efforts with our unique Sales Programs. Our training is results-oriented and guaranteed to deliver results.
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Presentation & Public Speaking

At some point, many of us face the daunting prospect of speaking in public, and even to the media. Our fantastic program will prepare you for even the most aggressive audience.
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Power in Excellence

Power in Excellence is a unique communication-based training company. All of our programs have one goal, which is to make you more successful. Whichever program you choose, we guarantee 100% satisfaction.

We believe that there is power in being excellent. Being the best at what you do, regardless of WHAT you do, is an incredibly powerful thing. Other people aspire to be as good, and you set the standard.

Power is all about having the ability to influence change, and that comes with excellence. Imagine you are the best leader, the best sales person, or the best communicator. Imagine what you can achieve with that excellence. Call us, and together we will make that dream a reality.

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What Makes Us Different



Whether you’re a multinational company, or an individual growing your business, you need results. We have built a business and our reputation on getting the results that our clients want.



Everything we do is done with integrity, it’s one of our most dearly held values. If we can’t do it and keep our integrity in tact, we won’t do it. We are successful because of, not in spite of our integrity.



We are affiliated with numerous academic institutions and we’re always on top of the latest research on what new techniques are being developed.



All of our programs and techniques are based on solid experience and research of what works. No waffle, no fillers, just packed full of stuff that works.

Chief Excellence Officer


Dr. John McMahon

Founder, CEO

Prior to founding Power In Excellence, John had a successful career in business, with senior management positions in KLM, Thomas Cook, and WPP. He has worked with clients in a variety of industries and specialises in communications at all levels. John has a PhD in Management Psychology, and MBA, and BA Hons in Modern Languages. His unique insight into how we communicate and interpret all aspects of language forms the basis of our highly successful programs.

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