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Our job at Power In Excellence is simple: to make you happy. We understand that you’re happiest when you’re achieving what you set out to do, and that’s why we’ve made it our job to help you  to achieve your goals easier, and more efficiently than ever before. When you sign up for any of our programs, you will see what everyone else is talking about when they say we make your life easier. Everything we do is aimed at making you happy, so give us a call today, and find out how you can achieve more.

What you can expect from us


When you work with us, you get the benefit of all of our experience in helping clients achieve their goals and aspirations. You can expect us to be attentive to your needs, to make sure that the program we tailor for you, gets you to where you want to be.


We are experts in our field, and we continue to research and learn everyday. We guarantee that you will benefit from the latest thinking and most up-to-date techniques in everything we do. We make it easy for you and your team to create a new and brighter future with the techniques and perspectives you will learn.


We are extremely passionate about the work we do, and that means we go as far as we need to go to ensure your success. When you engage us, you’re guaranteed to get the results you need, because we won’t stop until you do. Our job is simple: make you happy!


  • After working with Power In Excellence, we saw our sales increase by more than 15%, and customer satisfaction was off the charts! To say that we are satisfied is an understatement!
    John A.
  • The Sales program from Power in Excellence was just amazing. It transformed how we deal with customers, and on a personal level taught me so much about myself and my relationships. I would say it completely changed my life!
    Merica H.
  • We completed the Presentation program with Power in Excellence, and the standard of presentations and communication within the company has improved immensely. We make a lot of presentations to government officials, and external agencies, and this program has lifted the quality of those presentations unimaginably.
    Steven B.
  • Working with Power in Excellence was so much fun. We learned so much, and they made it really fun and interesting. We were quite sad when the program was over, but we still use all of the techniques we learned on a daily basis.
    Saira R.
    Vice President HR
  • This was the first time we had ever experienced this type of training. It really is quite unique, and we loved every minute. Our business has improved immensely.
    Jannis L.
    Vice President
  • The Negotiation Program was like nothing I had ever experienced before. I have been on other negotiation courses, but this one was head and shoulders above the rest; it was really special. The follow up from Power in Excellence has been fantastic, and we call them whenever we have important negotiations, just to refresh if we need to.
    Tony J.
    Senior Executive

When sales people aren’t selling, that doesn’t mean that they can’t sell, it simply means there’s something that they aren’t doing.

Find out how our proven techniques can grow your sales by 15% or more!

Get The Techniques You Need

Our programs are customized to meet your unique business requirements, so you’ll only get what you really need to resolve whatever issues your business is facing right now.


We’re Always Here for You

Wherever you are, and whatever your doing, you can be sure that we are only a phone call or an email away. When you need support, we are right there for you whenever you need it.


We Guarantee Satisfaction

Everything we do is fully backed by our unique guarantee. We promise you will see immediate results from our programs, so all you have to worry about is to be there.

Email Support

Even after you’ve completed our program, we will still be there to offer support and guidance regardless of how long ago you were on the course. Our support is genuine, and constant.

Skype or FaceTime

In addition to email support, we also offer support by Skype or FaceTime if you have an urgent matter that you need to deal with immediately. We’ll be right there with you!

Coaching Updates

Many of our programs also include follow-up coaching sessions either face-to-face or by telephone. This is a great opportunity to let us know in which areas you need a little extra help.

Our Expertise

For an organization to prosper and thrive, you must remain relevant, and that means nurturing and developing new managerial talent for the future. Everything you do is geared towards improving your business, and return on investment, and that means that everything we do follows those same goals. Our proven techniques build stronger organizations, healthier environments where people are able to share opinions and thoughts that drive the business forward and improve shareholder return.

We will help to:
  1. Increase profits;

  2. Make your business more dynamic;

  3. Foster clear and constructive communication;

  4. Create and develop your company’s future.

It’s frustrating when you have a vision for your organization or business, and your teams just don’t seem to follow through with it. Our belief is that an organization’s behavior and culture has to be managed just as much as the business itself. We specialize in creating the right behavior that will deliver what you need from your teams so that they deliver for the business. If you are unclear about what that behavior needs to be, we are here to help you create a successful culture that drives your business forward. Create behavior that delivers success; contact us today to get started!

More and more senior executives are discovering how you can achieve extraordinary results and increased capacity with an executive coach. Once you unlock that potential, uncover possibilities, and go beyond the norm, it will become a part of your everyday reality, and a permanent part of your future. When we work with you as your executive coach, you will see positive change in how you operate, and how exceed your aspirations. We will help you to achieve and maintain extraordinary results, improving your interpersonal and communication skills, so that every interaction you have delivers the outcome you desire. When you call us to find out how you can benefit from our Executive Coaching program, remember to ask us about our free executive retreat.

Our Negotiation and Sales programs work well as a combination, or as stand-alone programs. We work with you to establish exactly the types of clients you negotiate with, and design a unique program based on our proven techniques. You will learn how to read the other side for signals, and how to negotiate in a non-confrontational way to arrive at win-win solutions. Participants in our negotiation programs have included business people and diplomats.

Communication is at the heart of everything we do. As people, we cannot not communicate. Everything we do, every expression and movement communicates something about how we feel, even if we try to suppress it. Our communication programs will ensure that you get your message across efficiently, and effectively every single time. Did you know that typically, you only really connect with about 30% of your audience? We’ll show you how to connect with 100% so that everyone gets your point!

Fear of speaking in public is the most common phobia in the world. So it’s no coincidence that most people aren’t very good at it. That’s why we created our Public Speaking, and Presentations programs. On the Presentations program, we’ll take you through the various presentation flow structures, so that every time you have to present, you can choose the flow structure that allows you to deliver an awesome presentation. You will learn how to present with confidence, how to build amazing slides, all the way through to dealing with difficult questions. On our Media Training program, you will learn how to get your message across every single time. You’ll understand how to really use the media to your advantage, and how to use even the most probing questions to get your message across every single time.

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